Disabling Facebook and Other Social Media Tracking in WordPress

I realized yesterday that the default sharing options in WordPress enabled tracking by Facebook and Twitter. I don’t want advertising or tracking on my site. I found that you can turn these “features” off in the Dashboard.

Simply click on Enabled Services and drag and drop into Available Services, and vice versa, for services you want enabled, such as Email or Print.

4 thoughts on “Disabling Facebook and Other Social Media Tracking in WordPress

  1. Didn’t have much time this morning so will have to figure out how to get to the Dashboard, I have a faded memory of trying to get on it when I first started on WordPress and it eventually blocked me because I tried too many times:) that is what a ‘non-techie’ does, I would call you a ‘techie’ from my vantage point, at least from your posts……

    I am a driver, not a mechanic although lately I have sort of shocked myself when I ramble on about the electric car, I actually sound like I know what I am talking about, but if the screen went blank and the car stopped I would be at a loss as to what, if anything to do. Call roadside assistance? (if my cell phone wasn’t dead, which it often is)

    I went out for lunch with a new neighbour who intimidates me with her domestic skills, I am good at choosing places where other people cook:)…..I described the place to her as Foodie-ish and Funky (as I was trying to impress her) I also am not sure what a Foodie is but I think it is someone who either likes to cook and try new things and is very good at it or is always trying the newest and the best and most exotic new food experiences. All rather ‘ First World’ to be able to do either. One thing for sure I am not one.

    We went to the Farm/Bakery/Restaurant Whiskey Creek Farms and she was suitably impressed
    Free Range chickens running and nesting under your feet, a gluten free Bakery that as she described their wares as ‘better than sex’. We sat for two and a half hours talking in an old barn where they set up the eating area. So I may not be a Foodie myself but I know how to impress someone who might be with other peoples venue and food skills. So what would that be? A “Foodie Detective and Guide”:)
    A Foodie wanna be?

    So I am neither a techie or a foodie but I am willing to learn new technical skills and have always been a very appreciative eater.

    1. If you login to the site, you should be able to get to the Dashboard by scrolling down the left site menu that starts with Stats and select WP Admin from the bottom.

      I’m probably techie from most people’s perspective. But, I think of myself more as a power user. I don’t really use the term, “techie”. I have good mental models of how computers and networks should work, but then, my mother-in-law will ask me to solve some Apple related problem on her device. I end up spending half the time wondering why bluetooth doesn’t seem to work right and what the hell is AirDrop? Apple is convenient for novice users, but it’s horrible to work with if you haven’t bought into their ecosystem. So, both techie and not-techie, depending on the tech.

      The great thing about electric is they have like 20 moving parts. Internal combustion engines have 2,000. Simply by the fact alone, you should have much fewer problems with the car, and they will last longer. Some are estimating as many as a million miles, only needing to update batteries, electronics, tires, and interiors. Probably easier to fix on the road too.

      Funny. I tend to think of foodies as going out to eat, but now that you mention it, I know one couple that is a foodie of a home cooking and drink mixing variety. Good friends to have.

      Whiskey Creek Farms sounds lovely. I’ll ave to try it next time I’m up that way.

  2. Interesting, I noticed a few days ago that one of the ‘referrers’ to my link was Twitter. I have never to my knowledge signed up for Twitter so I remember wondering how that could have happened. As you have I am sure deduced I am not a techie so I let a lot go by
    even when it seems odd. thanks for this.

    1. It could be that someone shared the link using this functionality. They could have also just copy and pasted it into Twitter. Some people spend a lot of time using it, and it’s their default online outlet.

      Some people want to build their “brand” and get followers and likes. Promoting it via Facebook, Twitter, et al., is something you have to do with that kind of focus. It’s just not what I am doing.

      I wonder what the criteria is for “techie”? Am I one? Or, to use a different example, “foodie”? What differentiates someone who likes eating from a foodie? New flavor combinations? If someone tries every barbecue joint in their town because they love barbecue, are they also a foodie? Or, do you have to cross many different types of food to be a “foodie”? Or conversely, can people that don’t eat barbecue but like food cooked by chefs still “foodies”? Are their similar parallels in “techie”?

      I’m sensing essay material here. =)

      Anyway, glad you found the post useful.

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