Pod Life

“But here’s the catch: Each single-sex unit is designed to accommodate 18 men or 18 women. Each diminutive bedroom with its private bathroom: four to six adults in small, stacked rectangular spaces called “pods” just wide enough for a mattress and high enough to sit but not stand on top of it…

…In the course of my PodShare visits, I met others who found themselves in positions so precarious that the flexible pod model — whatever its limitations — felt like a godsend to them.

That made me think about all those people we hear about who suddenly hit a bump in the road and find themselves living in their cars or on the street. Could some version of this model work for them? Could some modified form of it also work as a transition for the homeless people we often hear about who get housing and then struggle in apartments alone because they’re so used to always being around others?

—Nita Lelyveld, “Why are these L.A. people sleeping in stacked pods? It’s not just the cost of housing.The Los Angeles Times. October 12, 2019.

Japan, once again shows it’s the land of the future with ideas like kyosho jutaku homes and capsule apartments/hotels.