2 thoughts on “Glass Shards & Fallen Trees

  1. That’s pretty interesting….yet feels incongruous to me in a unsettling way, like all good art can and does.

    I have been meaning to comment on a number of your recent posts but by the time I settle down to actually read it through and have something semi intelligent to say you are on to some other interesting

    Have been busy being dragged into the 21st century while I drive around in a computer on wheels. It feels Ike another entity, I push my name on the screen and it remembers my seat and mirror positions .
    When I do something that is not getting my desired result it gently writes on the screen what it intuits I am attempting to do. Will need to park my ego at the door…..it does attract a bit of attention, not used to that having driven a little Mazda 3 for the last 15 years:)

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