The End of the Internal Combustion Engine & Real Time Energy Production is Nigh

“We present a wide range of testing results on an excellent moderate-energy-density lithium-ion pouch cell chemistry to serve as benchmarks for academics and companies developing advanced lithium-ion and other “beyond lithium-ion” cell chemistries to (hopefully) exceed. These results are far superior to those that have been used by researchers modelling cell failure mechanisms and assuch, these results are more representative of modern Li-ion cells and should be adopted by modellers. Up to three years of testing has been completed for some of the tests. Tests include long-term charge-discharge cycling at 20, 40 and 55°C, long-term storage at 20, 40and 55°C, and high precision coulometry at 40°C. Several different electrolytes are considered in this LiNi0.5Mn0.3Co0.2O2 / graphite chemistry, including those that can promote fast charging. The reasons for cell performance degradation and impedance growth are examined using several methods. We conclude that cells of this type should be able to power an electric vehicle for over 1.6 million kilometers (1 million miles) and last at least two decades in grid energy storage…

…Single crystal NMC532 / graphite cells with exceptional lifetime have been developed. Storage and cycle testing up to 3 years in duration has been presented at 20, 40 and 55°C. The lifetime of these cells far exceeds that of other NMC / graphite cells reported in the literature and which have been used for lifetime modelling. It is suggested that lifetime models for NMC532 / graphite cells consider the data presented here.

Rochelle Weber, et al. “A Wide Range of Testing Results on an Excellent Lithium-Ion CellChemistry to be used as Benchmarks for New Battery Technologies.” Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 166(13) A3031-A3044 (2019)

Batteries that can last two decades will not only change the automotive industry, but the energy industry as well. More general discussion is available on CleanTechnica.

5 thoughts on “The End of the Internal Combustion Engine & Real Time Energy Production is Nigh

  1. I totally agree ….tonight I am going with friends upisland to celebrate a birthday and attend a climate change talk and panel.
    I think I might have said before something I heard recently. “It is like when you know you are going to rear end someone in your car, the amount of the damage depends on when and how hard you hit the brakes.”
    I am so torn, one minute I am willing to get arrested at the Kinder/Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline protests and the next I feel like the only really positive thing I can do is just keep doing inner work, getting myself clearer and perhaps that will……like a rock thrown in a pond make small waves that will affect others in a positive way.
    I look around at all the people who are sleepwalking….. but am encouraged by the number who are waking up.
    Will we wake up in time? “How bad is it going to be?” I guess we just stay tuned.:)

  2. Hi…..well tomorrow I/we take home a Tesla so I can now ‘walk my talk’ and when I am protesting pipe lines and am asked “Yeah, well how did you get here” I can at least say by electric car. And yes I know there are lots of other arguments about how the car is built, the energy needed to charge the battery has to come from somewhere, on and on but I am more excited than I have been in a long time to be taking this step. Telsa lowered their price in Canada so that it fell below the ‘luxury’ price tag and to the point that you could get both Federal and provincial grants…..still a luxury price tag for me and for most people but enough to make me finally take the plunge.

    1. The best reason to go electric is the have 20 moving parts. The internal combustion engine has 2000. Cheaper to maintain and as improvements in batteries make energy production happen in other than real time, it will be cleaner for the environment and cheaper too.

      Of course, the climate change ship has sailed. The only question there is how bad it is going to be.

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