2 thoughts on “Fish Story

  1. I have now had to fill in my info to make a comment on your site. I tried to go in through reader view not through my email but it still had me fill in my details.

    Thank you for your long detailed reply I read it through once but will have to read it a few more times and look at plug-in’s etc. I clicked the links and read.

    I don’t know much about what is under the hood of a car (unless it is electric) and know even less about software (or hardware for that matter)so this is a steep learning curve.

    Thanks again, expecting visitors for the next little while so will update you on my progress or lack of it once they are gone.

    1. One difference I am noticing is that this comment is posting as janet and your previous posts were as westcoastwoman. This suggests to me that you may have a setting issue in WordPress.

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