The Fourth Option

We always have three options.

  1. You can change it.
  2. You can accept it.
  3. You can leave it.

But, there’s a fourth option. 4. You can experience it.

Is experiencing something the same as accepting it? It isn’t.

The world is not static. Change is a constant. And, we are too busy reacting – choosing change, acceptance or escape – to be in the moment. We are choosing thinking about an experience over living it.

If we choose to experience a moment, then it means there is no room to try to change, agree or escape from it. All three are attempts to shape the experience to conform to our views and value judgments. When our minds, hearts and bodies are open to whatever that moment has to offer, there is no room for anything else. There is no room for thought.

The only thing that ever needs changing is our mind. Choose experiencing the moment over thinking about it, and you’ll change the world.