How To Celebrate In 2019: Modern Party Etiquette Rules

“But at the same time, this is yet another outgrowth of how starved for connection millennials are: ‘You have to be participatory to have a community,’ Dr. Carbino says. ‘All of these events are ways to create a sense of community. Because you don’t have that anymore in a traditional sense you have to do it another way.’ And if you’re not getting married or having a baby, you have to get even more creative: an over-the-top party on your birthday, or register for your housewarming, a bash to celebrate your cat’s adoption day.”

—Amelia Harnish. “How to Celebrate in 2019.” Refinery 29. June 10, 2019.

A comprehensive, six-part etiquette guide for Millennials desperately trying to fight off middle-aged loneliness in our modern world with its fractured communities. Good luck, kids!