2 thoughts on “Totes Totem

  1. Oh my! not like the NorthWest Totems around here.:) but probably conveying much the same message.
    thank you for your ‘like’ on my Anniversary post. It has been a great learning experience this blogging and sending my thoughts out into the mist.
    I am not really on any other ‘social media’ partly because of something I did that had a lot of “trophy hunters’ stalking me. If you are going to piss anyone off probably best that it not be men with guns that know how to use them. I have thought of writing a blog piece about that whole experience but back away when I remember the aftermath. Anyway, I saved one bear or at least saved it from being hunted. Learned you better have the courage of your convictions and I think it made me a little braver.
    so, on to year two

    1. Blogging can be interesting. It’s starting to become an external memory for me, where I can find things I vaguely remember. But, there’s a lot of different ways to go about it.

      As for social networks, might help to get off the main ones and use alternatives, like a local instance of Mastodon. Doubt the local hunters will be on any of those, just have to make sure the instance you join is aligned with your POV.

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