3 thoughts on “I’ll Let Myself In: Tactics of Physical Pen Testers

  1. Well this certainly doesn’t give me any confidence that the doors on my house could keep anyone who wanted to get in, out. Will have to take a good look at the hinges etc. and make some changes. computer hacking, door hacking could start to make one a little paranoid…..Really nice photos lately, are you travelling? or just photos from past travels?

    1. As the saying goes, most locks are only to keep honest people honest. Houses, computers, etc., are rarely built to be secure because real security is inconvenient and expensive. Better to know that and take appropriate steps than to have a false sense of security.

      I was reading somewhere how we take so many photos these days but we rarely revisit them. I have a little over 15 years or ~50,000 digital images in an archive, and I am going through them in year batches and posting the few I find exceptional in some way. I’ve only looked at the first three years thus far and have noticed that my skill improved over time. I probably have enough good ones to post through this year, and maybe the next. I was then thinking I might use those photos for inspiration for drawing, poetry or something. But, at this point just going through selecting images and scheduling them for one a day here.

      1. I actually used a few of my photos for inspiration….actually looking back I have done that more than a few times. I have some NOLA photos from the Easter Parade that just say so much. Also the Six Sentence Challenge, I have been amazed how you can turn over one word in your mind for a few days and it takes you to so many different places. So many ways to open up to the ‘muse’ or whatever it is that can come through if you can put your ego aside for long enough. That is the difficulty the inner critic……have been bravely pushing publish and not letting my inner voice stop me.
        I think it is a great idea to use your photos for inspiration for whatever comes.:)

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