American Science Fiction, Classic Novels of the 1950’s

“Kingsley Amis did in his 1960 critical study New Maps of Hell. Amis contended that science fiction, like jazz, developed a self-aware identity in the second and third decades of the twentieth century, attracted a knowledgeable and devoted following largely of younger fans, and gained new levels of imaginative and stylistic sophistication in the 1940s…By the 1950s, science fiction had accreted a variety of modes and conventions…By the end of the decade, a field once dominated by short “pulp” fiction had reinvented itself, and expanded the range of “the novel” more generally.”

Classic American Science Fiction Novels of the 1950s

Never really thought of the 1950s as the time science fiction transitioned from pulp fiction to the novel, but it’s obviously true now that I see it pointed out. This website provides an overview of seminal works of the period.