3 thoughts on “Animal Matters: Episode 1

  1. Thanks for this…..I will watch in full later. I have an animal rights story regarding Trophy hunting and how I did something that had a whole lot of Trophy hunters very unhappy with me and my actions and how I learned that if you want to have people pissed off probably best that they not be men with guns that know how to use them. 🙂 Anyway a story for another blog.

    I saved a picture that I found from one of your posts from a while ago and I am hoping you have her name (the artist) the name lady godiva? madonna (probably nothing like that) but she did a sort of meme/computer picture/ with sayings. The one I have is of a computer screen with a naked woman and it says “all of your changes can still be saved” I want to put it on a poem I have just written but need her name for credit. Thanks……hope you remember, I am sure you will.

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