This is What Democracy Looks Like

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warned political strategists and vendors Thursday night that if they support candidates mounting primary challenges against incumbent House Democrats, the party will cut them off from business…

…To apply to become a preferred vendor in the 2020 cycle, firms must agree to a set of standards that includes agreeing not to work with anyone challenging an incumbent.”

—Abelard Lacey, “House Democratic Leadership Warns It Will Cut Off Any Firms That Challenge Incumbents.” The Intercept. March 22, 2019.

Everything wrong with American “democracy” in a nutshell. If you aren’t part of the establishment, expect to be cut off from money, expertise, and other resources necessary to win elections.

Don’t worry. Establishment Democrats will bring all the necessary changes you need.

This is why electoral politics is largely a fool’s game. By all means, vote. But, if you think voting brings progress, however defined, you are deluding yourself.

2 thoughts on “This is What Democracy Looks Like

  1. I was listening to an analysis of the new, improved rules for the 2020 Dem primaries. I don’t know, man, it seems like they’ve just created a bramble that the cleverist campaign is going to be able to game in a way that no one has foreseen.

    1. Standard Democratic politics, preserve the status quo by offering up the smallest incremental change possible, restrict alternatives, and use whatever is hot among the right wing authoritarians as a clarion call for unity. A “we’ll get to that, but not this election because beating X is an existential imperative…” (rinse, repeat every election). A lesson in the limits of electoral politics…

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