Pazz & Jop: So, Are Women Here Yet? | Village Voice

“So maybe it’s time to pivot back to fanzine. Pivot to local underground newspaper. Pivot to supermarket circular. Pivot back to listservs and anonymous blogspots. Pivot to a publication for teenage girls that doesn’t die because it refused to be an app and a vehicle for selling things to an elusive and valuable market. Pivot to a publisher who doesn’t nuke the newsroom for unionizing. Pivot to a music journalism where the fate of young freelancers of color doesn’t depend on one white editor staying employed at a dying publication. Pivot to bartending or shifts at California Pizza Kitchen because weeklies still only pay 9 cents a word but at least they let you go off when a record sucks and you gotta make rent somehow. What the hell can you do but keep on swinging?”

—Jessica Hopper, “Pazz & Jop: So, Are Women Here Yet?The Village Voice. February 6, 2019.

This whole piece sparkles. I haven’t read writing that cared about music and the cultural landscape in this way since sitting down and reading Lester Bangs’ Main Lines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste a few years ago. Recommended.