2 thoughts on “The Anthropocene Project — Emergence Magazine

  1. As your other post points out “yes we are fucked” I have been actively involved in Environmentalism since my 20’s, have done some things in later years that has caused blowback in the local paper and on social media (involving Trophy hunting of grizzlies) still might (depending on how things go) end up getting arrested to protest Kinder Morgan. For younger people my grandchildren and those not yet born……
    Those pictures are just horrendous, the only mammals on this earth that could consciously destroy our own environment, feel the effects and yet still keep doing it……….

    1. The simple truth is that the ship has already sailed. As with most things in life, there is no quick fix, even with radical change in lifestyle by the majority of people. So, what then is to be done? The only thing I can see is to tell the truth. But, the truth is going to be a small comfort to those that have to live with it.

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