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  1. I think I’ll try his A Theory of Everything. It comes in at less than 200 pages, is an overview and is available at my local public library. Looked over the Sounds True catalog, and they have one for Robert Anton Wilson too. It’s him “explaining everything”.

    Titles with Everything in them might be a red flag of some sort.

    I’m thinking DNA testing is going to be standard. Many reasons to do it, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes part of research, identity and other data sets. It’s probably inevitable that this information will become public, it’s just a question of time. That said, I’ll wait as long as I can.

    1. Yes I am yet to meet anyone who has a grasp on ‘everything’ and those that feel they do I feel have just come to a fork in the road and decided to camp out there.

      Understand your wanting to “wait as long as I can” I am 68 this year, by the law of averages and good luck I could be here perhaps another 12 years. My curiosity about life and my ‘wanting to know’ has
      overcome any caution around testing. Found out I have the ‘warrior gene’ (must be that mystery grandfather) that in itself was worth testing for. 🙂

      1. Average life expectancy in British Columbia is 84 for women. Given what is said in this expectations video, you should expect at least 100!

  2. In 2013 I started taking a beginners DNA course with a retired DNA professor, she developed a following and six years later we still attend classes and have formed a monthly group “Genes and Coffee” I am searching for a mystery grandfather so in 2013 I had my DNA done (23 and me) and it has been a very interesting ride Gedmatch, Prometheus my DNA is all over the internet . Much has changed in the world of public testing and yes I have considered all the ramifications of having my Raw Data online.
    As a group we have followed all the twists and turns since the completion of the Human Genome project (well that part anyway:) We have had long discussions re CRISPER, the ethics of what we can now do as a species with this information and what is being done with no oversight really. That is the way with science as we know, if it can be done it will be tried…..perhaps to our peril.

    I bought a 12hour CD set from Sounds True by Ken Wilber called Kosmic Consciousness very interesting man and concepts. If you google Sounds True he did a podcast a while ago with Tami Simon that pretty will puts it all out there. I find it very intriguing but a bit soulless but that is just me.

  3. Just watched this……as I have said in the past I love the different things you post. Like you can do the research for me and filter it down to the most interesting things. Thanks. I tried to leave a coment on your last post Prometheus Rising but the page won’t come up. Comes up as OOPs can’t find it. I will definitely read the book. It sounds like Ken Wilbur’s work but perhaps with some soul. I have a great interest in DNA research. anyway thanks again. Janet

    1. Thanks, Janet. Before I started this blog, I used to see something interesting, like The Theory of Visitors or something, and I’d forget where. So, it’s a bit of an aid to memory, which doesn’t seem to be improving (CRAFT, can’t remember a fucking thing, syndrome is setting in). But, now, I can search the blog, which helps.

      I try to write my daily comment in the morning, but sometimes WordPress has trouble scheduling the post for the evening and publishes it immediately. I scheduled it as I intended, as an evening post, which is why it isn’t there now.

      Interested in hearing your thoughts on my review of Prometheus Rising. I’d seen a lot of his ideas before in his other books, but this isn’t a bad packaging of them. A little dated and mining old school Discordian headspace, but still useful.

      What is your interest in DNA research? CRISPR and related or something else?

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