Mutantis Mutandis

Electroculture overcoded 
A spiritual Alcatraz, thrown
in solitary, locked & loaded,
artificial dreams, a clone.

Read the unwritten text,
the rongorongo of the soul, 
Nostradamas of the next, 
turnkey tyranny in a bowl.

A guinea pig often forgets:
half sterile + half feral +
normal distribution mindsets +
harmless untruths == peril.

In the world, in the Abusement parks,
soulless sinceretrons of misogyny,
xenofeminist cyborgs & beauty patriarchs
together in a fuck rife with ignomity.

Anhedonia, sealed in a shrine,
wokescienti, schizo-critical,
pleasure threshold, decline
scrolling is apocalyptical.

McMansions, corporate pablum
billionaires in armed lifeboats,
in the flotsam of crisis capitalism
those with guns get the votes.

In the grotesquerie of the Real,
agendas, exopolitic extra-terrestial
over stochistic chance, to feel
choose meaning, over being immaterial.

Everyone, themselves a carnival.
Suspend truth, believe as you will
no difference, fact abominable,
same: blue, red or any other pill.

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