Mutantis Mutandis

Electroculture overcoded / A spiritual Alcatraz, thrown / in solitary, locked & loaded, / artificial dreams, a clone.

Read the unwritten text, / the rongorongo of the soul, / Nostradamas of the next, / turnkey tyranny in a bowl.

A guinea pig often forgets: / half sterile + half feral + / normal distribution mindsets + / harmless untruths == peril.

In the world, in the Abusement parks, / soulless sinceretrons of misogyny, / xenofeminist cyborgs & beauty patriarchs / together in a fuck rife with ignomity.

Anhedonia, sealed in a shrine, / wokescienti, schizo-critical, / pleasure threshold, decline / scrolling is apocalyptical.

McMansions, corporate pablum / billionaires in armed lifeboats, / in the flotsam of crisis capitalism / those with guns get the votes.

In the grotesquerie of the Real, / agendas, exopolitic extra-terrestial / over stochistic chance, to feel / choose meaning, over being immaterial.

Everyone, themselves a carnival. / Suspend truth, believe as you will / no difference, fact abominable, / same: blue, red or any other pill.

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