Ornery Crackers

“Dreamers make the best drivers, always. They are not afraid of unknown routes, they do not complain about bumps in the road, and they like the feel of the machine roaring down the dark highways. They seldom if ever get lost because wherever they find themselves is part of what they were seeking…

…They [presumably most people] want to know what can be known but they do not want to know what can’t be known. They want anecdotes, little intimacies, clues to habits and dress, pieces of the True Beer Can or True Old Pickup Truck. But they do not want to know who he really was, that core part each of us carries that others can only guess at and never really comprehend or possess — that we ourselves cannot fully understand. The most important part of a person remains unknown even to the person, the fire that from time to time causes a life to become a conflagration. Where the light comes from and why.”

—Charles Bowden. “The Red Caddy.” Longreads.com. April 2018.

Heimat ist da, wo man schwätzt wie mar. Loved this excerpt. I love ornery cracker territory, a spiritual homeland if there ever was one.

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