Words & Phrases, 2016

Every time I come across an interesting word or phrase, I add it to a yearly list. I tried making a poem using this one last year.

  • Pointless cacophony 
  • Buddha of subterranean impulses 
  • Métro, boulot, dodo — commute, work, sleep 
  • rossignol, French cryptographers whose name became French slang for a device that picks locks. 
  • cynegetic tendencies
  • Viktor Tausk’s Influence Machine 
  • ghetto for grinds
  • panjandrum, someone claiming clout
  • werewolves wearing shoulder straps 
  • Rhetorica ad Herennium 
  • bête noir 
  • sanctum sanctorum 
  • stochastic,  random
  • omotenashi, humble customer service
  • Scrotum-faced carnival barker 
  • akoisexual identity, feelings of love disappear when reciprocated.
  • facies hermeticae, hidden faces
  • factual Laocoön – priest that warned of Trojan horse and was killed
  • fourfold vision
  • chupacabra – fictional goat sucker
  • mind-forged manacles
  • Rube Goldberg machine – unnecessarily complicated 
  • An American without an opinion
  • Temples of tears 
  • Overton window 
  • gems from the matrix 
  • Raspberry jam delta v 
  • Cattywampus, not centered 
  • Gish Gallop – spewing bullshit faster than it can be refuted 
  • aware karada, learning through physically doing
  • Albert Luke’s magical bracelet 
  • Kraken Mare, sea of hydrocarbons
  • 52 hertz whale
  • Lojban – unambiguous logical language 
  • inconsistently applied crypto-Saxonist jargon
  • sciolism – superficial show of learning
  • bube meyseh, old wives’ tale
  • shtarker, muscleman
  • seykhl, sense
  • meshuge, crazy
  • money based caste system
  • Disdyakis tricontahedron – 120 sided dice
  • between 40 and Ω
  • Aleatory uncertainty, unknowable 
  • bafflegab
  • illusion of hindsight
  • Auftragstaktik, goal but no how
  • WYSIATI— What You See Is All There Is
  • stumblebum
  • “kto, kogo?” That literally means “who, whom” and it was Lenin’s shorthand for “Who does what to whom?”
  • Forgotten arm, boxing term, “It’s the hit you didn’t see coming.”
  • Rucksack revolution, Kerouac 
  • Flâneur – loafer 
  • Carne por la machina, meat for the machine
  • Buona morte, good death
  • glossolalia, speaking unknown language 
  • half-humps
  • overwatch
  • smells like hobo feet
  • Candango – a man without qualities, vagabond 
  • Dark monarchy 
  • Load of chancers in my lobby
  • Kodokushi, lonely death
  • solastalgia, comfort/pain, place loved is changing for worse 
  • Fuzziness – protocol of throwing a process at a program to check for error 
  • selfies, not selves
  • the hardest man on the cobbles
  • queasy quadroonerie of essentialism
  • mollycoddled
  • Generation Snowflake 
  • hornean, voodoo priest
  • shared paranoias
  • closed ideology echo chamber
  • Hare brained, the rule here is, we do whatever the fuck we want
  • Charvaka, rejected any idea of God and the existence of any soul or afterlife.
  • Semden – Tibetan for sentient being
  • Kunga Dhondup – nickname for money
  • Weltschmerz – physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind
  • lojong – mind training 
  • carceral state
  • Antikythera Mechanism
  • desiderata
  • boojum
  • Kemmerich gradient 
  • Gruen Transfer
  • Pomgolians 
  • Kugelblitz, ball lightening 
  • Orbers’ Paradox: if there are infinite stars, why isn’t the night sky as bright as the sun? 
  • Ophiuchus: 13th sign of the zodiac 
  • Radio Rental, insane
  • Pratfall Effect, competent people more likable after failure 
  • schadenfreude: pleasure from misfortune of others. 
  • Hortus Delicarium, first encyclopedia by a woman
  • neltiliztli: Aztec for rootedness, truth and goodness
  • Sicario: Jewish killers who hunted the Romans who invaded their homeland. In Mexico, it means hitman. 
  • cucuy: Mexician boogeyman
  • aphakia: missing lens of the eye
  • kakistocracy: government by the worst people
  • Jára da Cimrman: underdog hero of Czechs.
  • Mean World Syndrome
  • El zorrilo no huele a si mismo. The skunk does not smell himself.
  • I may be cheap, but I ain’t easy.
  • Thomassons: architectural relics maintain despite being useless
  • rathskeller
  • kompromat, the fabrication and planting of compromising or illegal material
  • Hottel memo: The FBI’s most viewed file details the account of an Air Force officer recovering three flying saucers in New Mexico in 1950.
  • reinigungskrise, cleaning crisis
  • quantitative illusion
  • authoritarian deliberation
  • hektemorage, serfdom
  • pachinko
  • hygge, coziness of the soul
  • Alban Arthuan, old name for winter solstices 

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