Kandidate Kompromat

“The cybersecurity expert who shared the list with Mother Jones says he could find no legitimate use for the subdomains. He notes that the full scope of the attackers’ breach of the Trump Organization domains remains unclear, but he adds that the hackers who have launched attacks from this block of IP addresses have the ability to wage highly sophisticated cyber assaults. ‘I’d have to imagine that the file and mail servers on the Trump Org network would be the world’s largest repository of information that could be used to gain leverage over our president,’ he remarks. He also points out that this breach signals the Trump Organization did not employ secure IT: ‘The big thing is that they didn’t notice.'”

—David Corn and A.J. Vicens,  “Hackers Compromised the Trump Organization 4 Years Ago—and the Company Never Noticed.” Mother Jones. November 1, 2017.

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