Mass Movements

“Mass movements do the opposite: they pretend to give you power, while stealing what little you had; they pretend to solve your problems, while entrenching them. Movements make the frustrated more frustrated and they self-perpetuate with no regard for those who perpetuate them. The seed that they sow is frustration…

…There are roughly three things that prevent mass movements: meaningful work, community, and the broader sense of ‘meaning’ that interacts with those two…

{Recommendations for individuals:} Focus on meaningful action in your own life. Do that [thing you wanted to do]. Joining movements with gigantic impossible enemies not only are doomed to fail but are designed to fail. Be skeptical of any movement that doesn’t have defined, concrete positions and goals. You will not get to a utopia through them…”

—Keep, Lou. “Without belief in a god, but never without belief in a devil.sam[]zdat. June 28, 2017.

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