A Heart That Watches and Receives

“Whatever you do, wherever you go, I want to encourage you to seek out an authentic experience. There’s far too much secondary living, virtual living, simulated living, going on these days. As we’ve been discussing, too often life comes to us mediated through earbuds and screens and viewfinders. I don’t mean to sound like a Luddite here—you are coming of age in a fascinating and truly revolutionary era of technological innovation that has nearly limitless possibilities. There’s no retreating now from the digital age. But don’t let the gadgets distract you from the true pulse of life. My advice to you is, whatever you do, seek out something gritty and challenging and raw. Experience real love and real pain in real places with real people, face to face, heart to heart. Your life will be happier and richer in direct proportion to its authenticity.”

–Sides, Hampton. “A Heart That Watches and Recieves.” Commencement Address. Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO. May 22, 2017.