Letters Live

Actors read historical letters from notable people. This one by Richard Feynman to his wife, who had been dead two years when he wrote it, made me cry. Lovely.

Hiker, There is No Road

Caminante, no hay camino. Pero el camino se hace al andar.” [Using Google Translate to roughly translate into English: “Hiker, there is no road. But, the road is made by walking it.]

…The way is in not out

…search through your memory, your childhood, your dreams, your passions, your failures, your sorrows, your wildest hallucinations, your most unreasonable hopes, your sickest fantasies, your most homicidal desires, in everything that’s seemingly the most unutterable, the most abominable guilts, the stupidest lyricisms, the most general confusion, the bottom of the bottomless well that is the subconscious: that’s where your work is.”

—Caio Fernando Abreu, translated in Medaya Ocher, “The Sluts and the Saints: A Letter to Zézim.” The Los Angeles Review of Books. March 13, 2019.