Blade Runner Sketchbook

“In 1982, the production designs that were used to create the film’s future-noir look were collected in the Blade Runner Sketchbook, edited by David Scroggy. Now out of print, the book is still treasured by fans, and now a full copy is available to read online.

—Angela Watercutter, “Thanks, Internet: Out-of-Print Blade Runner Sketchbook Surfaces Online.” Wired. December 29, 2011.

Now available at the Internet Archive.

Days Between, Grateful Dead

“Grateful Dead fans call the beginning of August the Days Between a period bookended by Jerry Garcias birth on Aug. 1, 1942 and his death on Aug. 9, 1995.”

There are thousands of Grateful Dead shows on If you don’t know which ones you’d like to listen to, you might want to look at this guide for a sampling of those considered among the best shows by fans.