Horses, Not Zebras

“‘If you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras,’ Mom liked to say, drawing from her wisdom as an emergency-room nurse that cautioned against wild medical diagnoses…

But I wonder — in our walling off what we can talk about and what we cannot, in our work to accept each other despite our conflicting views of the world and how to live in it, in deciding who we talk to and who we write off — how can we move forward together and fast enough to heal ourselves, our communities, this planet? Because that is what we are losing in the fractures.”

-Anjoli Roy, “My Brown Dad Voted For Trump.”, November 2019.

Too Broke to Be Woke

“Though it might grant social and professional benefits to members of the elite liberal class, engaging in scholarship and activism that demonizes men, white people, or heterosexuals doesn’t make the world more just, nor does providing students with empirically-unsupported implicit-bias training and “toxic masculinity” workshops. These practices bake the seeds of prejudice and discrimination into educational experiences that are supposedly focused on fighting prejudice and discrimination. In fact, the use of divisive and hateful language in the name of social justice is a red flag: Those on the front lines know there is too much at stake to burn bridges and attack others. They want allies, not enemies.”

—Clay Routledge. “Social Justice in the Shadows.” Quillette. September 14, 2018.

Social justice is a fine idea frequently undermined by its strongest proponents. It’s a rare good idea that doesn’t have this problem.

My Affair With the Intellectual Dark Web – Great Escape – Medium

“If the idea is that I piss people off by being disloyal to my likely tribes, well, I don’t think that makes me unusual. I think it just makes me a good intellectual.”

—Alice Dreger quoted in Meghan Daum. “My Affair With the Intellectual Dark Web.” Medium. August 24, 2018.

Easy test to see if you (or others) are thinking for yourself is whether your ideas easily conform to a political orthodoxy.

The Daum article is interesting throughout.