Staying With Feelings — Meg-John Barker & Focusing — Eugene T. Gendlin

"Stay with the feeling, with interested curiosity, not trying to change it, or to force it to communicate: just being with it gently and curiously. Try to understand it from it's point of view. Notice any words, images, or metaphors that come to mind. Acknowledge everything that comes up, e.g., further feelings or lack of … Continue reading Staying With Feelings — Meg-John Barker & Focusing — Eugene T. Gendlin

Pity the Feeling

On top of Everest, in my mind,a dark cloud, lightning blasts, a hurricane of controversies, unwindbelow, nonsense sea, fish net casts.The Sherpa is fishing aboutprefers an understanding cartel.Procrustean commodities—easier without a heart, a totalitarian Tinkerbell.Feelings, the repugnant social Other,are the dream within the dream.Before we think, we must feel, brother,a mind | heart alone, cannot reign supreme.

The Uselessness of Discussion to Find Truth

"‘Every philosopher runs away when he or she hears say 'Let’s discuss this.' Discussion, they claimed ‘are fine for roundabout talks, but philosophy throws its dice on another table. The best one can say about discussions is that they take things no farther, since the participants never talk about the same thing.’" —Gilles Deleuze and … Continue reading The Uselessness of Discussion to Find Truth

Worry List

"Make a "to worry about" list. In a notebook or somewhere privately on your personal computer, make an ongoing list of things that you need to worry about. Jot down anything and everything that comes up in your day that's bothering you. Make a special note if it's something that keeps cropping up in your … Continue reading Worry List