Found Footage Festival

“The Found Footage Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that showcases footage from videos that were found at garage sales and thrift stores and in warehouses and dumpsters across the country.”

Let me walk you through my experience. I go to videos, click in a bit and find this one:

Rub your stomach and balls 81 times. The video appears to have guys swinging weights from their testicles. And then, there’s this comment from YouTube: “This should have stayed secret.” Very funny. You know I’m going to work through the Shaturday Morning cartoon series next.

Ordering Chinese Food

“1. Greens are usually the glories of the cuisine: order as many vegetables as there are people

2. If you will have a meat, consider the juiciness that pairs well with the starch: something saucy if you will eat with rice, or less saucy if you will have soup noodles

3. Order Yunnan mushrooms if they are on the menu

4. Fill out the rest with cold appetizers, they are never a bad idea

—Dan Wang, “2020 Letter.” January 1, 2021.