Further Notes on Scenius


“Our world is an ecosystem in which our only real chance at survival as a species is cooperation, community, and care, but it’s being lead by people who believe in an egosystem, run on competition, power, and self-interest…

…When you think about your family, your friends, your neighborhood, your office, your city, your country, your world… are you operating as an ecosystem or an egosystem?

Which model we choose to operate under will determine the quality of our lives, and, arguably, our survival.

—Austin Kleon, “Further notes on scenius.” AustinKleon.com. May 12, 2017.

Also liked the quote on the potluck dinner being the model for utopia.

Oblique Strategies

The Oblique Strategies constitute a set of over 100 cards, each of which is a suggestion of a course of action or thinking to assist in creative situations. These famous cards have been used by many artists and creative people all over the world since their initial publication. Fifth edition 2001.

The Ship Project presented by Brian Eno


“As Pitchfork describes the project: “On a website, ‘The Ship’ plays, and the user can click on tweets of news stories, which appear alongside historical photos.” The film utilizes “a bespoke artificial intelligence programme,” the site explains, “developed by the Dentsu Lab Tokyo,” exploring “various historical photographic images and real-time news feeds to compose a collective photographic memory of humankind.” (Dentsu received a prestigious prize nomination from the European Commission for their work.)”

—Josh Jones, “Watch Brian Eno’s Experimental Film “The Ship,” Made with Artificial Intelligence.” OpenCulture.com. September 27, 2017.