Elsa Charretier’s Artbook

“A collection of my best pieces, covers, and detailed process of my storytelling work + Exclusive November: Commentary Edition…This artbook is…a collection of some of my best pieces commissioned by collectors, comic book covers, and detailed process of my storytelling work from NOVEMBER and STAR WARS: DR. APHRA. I’m hoping this will be an opportunity to understand how I think a page and work as an artist.  

—Elsa Charretier, “Elsa Charretier’s Artbook.” Kickstarter.com. Ends November 21 2019 1:37 AM CST.


CRAZY4CULT 13 is opening tonight at Gallery 1988. Check out their store to get reasonably priced artwork on the cult pop culture theme.

“TONIGHT we bring back the most popular G1988 art show of all time for its 13th consecutive year. Once named “Art Show of the Year” by LA Weekly, CRAZY4CULT features pieces from our favorite artists inspired by your favorite cult films. See paintings, prints & sculptures paying tribute to films like This Is Spinal Tap, Little Shop of Horrors, Twin Peak: Fire Walk With Me, Fight Club and so much more. The opening reception is TONIGHT from 7-9 PM and will mark your first chance to purchase work – and remaining pieces will be online for purchase Saturday at gallery1988.com.


LE PATER | Alphonse Mucha | Thomas Negovan

This giant 12″ x 16″ edition is printed to scale with Mucha’s original artworks. Published in ultra-high resolution on fine cotton paper with advanced color correction, deluxe varnishes, and elegant gilded edges to create a boutique keepsake volume. This book contains over 220 pages of rare historical photos and a thorough decoding of the Judeo-Christian and Masonic Symbolism hidden in the artworks.