The Oldest Treasures From 12 Great Libraries – Atlas Obscura

In the history of writing, bound books as we know them today arrive fairly late, so there are no actual “books” on this list. Instead, this is a wondrous collection of illuminated manuscripts, papyrus scrolls, and clay tablets. Some of these items you can even see in person, if you pay a visit.

—Sarah Laskow. “The Oldest Treasures From 12 Great Libraries.” October 26, 2017.

Keepers of the Secrets

“Lannon said that Google had changed the way people sought information. ‘They only want information based on the information they think they want,’ he said. As a rule, he said, archivists at the library should give you the box you’ve asked for — but also suggest another box. There are fewer opportunities, now, to stumble into a world you don’t already know. ‘It’s important to look outside of your own existence.'”

—James Somers, “Keepers of the Secrets.” The Village Voice. September 20,2017.

A love letter to archives.