The Bureau of Linguistical Reality

“The Bureau of Linguistical Reality is a public participatory artwork by Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott focused on creating new language as an innovative way to better understand our rapidly changing world due to manmade climate change and other Anthropocenic events. The vision of the artwork is to provide new words to express what people are feeling and experiencing as our world changes as climate change accelerates. We will be using these new words to facilitate conversations about the greater experiences these words are seeking to express with the view to facilitate a greater cultural shift around climate change.”

One thought on “The Bureau of Linguistical Reality

  1. Well…… just in time:) I was working on a SixSentenceThursday piece and the word for the week is STABLE.
    Lots of good new words here for the opposite of……although not too many readers will be up on the latest Bureau of Linguistical Reality dictionary.
    I read the definitions of a few of these words and it is true we need a whole new way to express our feelings as we go forward.
    thanks again

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